This road is never-ending

Updated 2 hours ago

Tagging system for org-journal

Updated 4 days ago

Source code for

Updated 4 days ago

Yet another implementation of pomodoro timer for Emacs

Updated 4 days ago

Fetch song lyrics and album covers. Integrates with EMMS

Updated 1 month ago

Feed summary interface for elfeed

Updated 2 months ago

Guix channel with some packages that I use

Updated 3 months ago

The fastest file navigation in the wild west

Updated 4 months ago

My ongoing attempt at self-quantification

Updated 5 months ago

A pass frontend based on Ivy

Updated 6 months ago

perspective.el ❤️ EXWM

Updated 6 months ago

A modeline segment for EXWM

Updated 6 months ago

A Python package to log mpd ( activity in csv format.


Updated 7 months ago

Convert YouTube RSS feed to a format better compatible with elfeed

Updated 8 months ago

A simple program to store nginx logs to PostgreSQL

Updated 2 years ago