A set of my GNU/Linux configuration files. View at GitHub.

The majority of the software is configured with literate configuration strategy via Emacs' Org Mode. This way has its advantages and disadvantages, but overall it’s pretty nice to keep the configs interweaved with comments in a handful of files.

The files themselves are managed and deployed via yadm, but I mostly use Org Mode rich noweb whenever I can instead of what yadm offers.

My current GNU/Linux distribution is GNU Guix. In the context of this repo, Guix allows me to list all the used programs in manifests, which means I have the same set of programs across multiple machines. Look for tables with “Guix dependency” in the header.

Literate configuration files:

Programs used

Some of the notable programs are listed in the table below.

Group Program Purpose Status Documented? Notes
console bash shell launches fish :) Console.org
console fish shell active Console.org
console starship prompt active Console.org
console tmux terminal multiplexer active Console.org
console alacritty terminal emulator active Console.org
mail notmuch mail indexer active Mail.org, post
mail lieer gmail API client active Mail.org, post credentials are encrypted
mail msmtp SMTP client active Mail.org
editor emacs everything active Emacs.org GitHub renders .org files without labels and tangle: no
editor vim text edtior active - A minimal config to have a lightweight terminal $EDITOR
editor neovim text edtior archive -
documents latexmk LaTeX build tool active -
documents zathura pdf viewer active Desktop.org
desktop dunst notification manager active Desktop.org
desktop i3wm tiling WM active Desktop.org
desktop keynav control mouse with keyboard active Desktop.org
desktop polybar status bar active Desktop.org
desktop rofi generic menu active Desktop.org
desktop flameshot screenshot active Desktop.org
desktop picom X11 compositor active Desktop.org
desktop i3blocks status bar archive -
internet tridactyl vim bindings for Firefox active - templated with yadm
internet newsboat terminal RSS reader archive - urls are encrypted
internet qutebrowser browser with vim bindings archive -
internet buku bookmarks manager archive -
audio mpd music player daemon active -
audio ncmpcpp MPD frontend active -
misc yadm dotfiles manager active -
misc sunwait sunrise calculator active -
misc vnstat traffic stats active -

Posts about my configuration

Some statistics

If you are viewing the file in Emacs, eval the following to show the pictures with reasonable width:




Uses yadm’s post_alt hook to create symlinks

Encrypted files