A modeline segment to display exwm workspaces.

Here’s how it looks near the list of perspectives (the segment of the current package is to the left):

  • workspaces 0 and 5 do not have any X windows
  • workspace 1 is the current workspace
  • workspace 2 has at least one X window.


  • Supports exwm-randr to display only workspaces related to the current monitor.
  • Numbers are clickable.


The package is available on MELPA. Install it however you usually install packages, I use use-package and straight.el:

(use-package exwm-modeline
  :straight t
  :after (exwm))

Then put a call to exwm-modeline-mode somewhere after the moment when EXWM has been initialized, for instance:

(add-hook 'exwm-init-hook #'exwm-modeline-mode)


Set exwm-modeline-randr to nil to turn off filtering of workspaces by monitor.

Set exwm-modeline-short to t display only the current workspace in the modeline.

Set exwm-modeline-display-urgent to nil to turn off displaying whether a workspace has an urgent window. This will significantly decrease the number of modeline updates, which may help with performance issues.


perspective.el by @nex3 was extremely instructive on how to make a modeline segment individual to a particular frame and avoid recalculating it too often.

doom-modeline-exwm by @elken also was a source of inspiration.